Salesforce to Epicor® Integration Demo - Datix Unity

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Unity for Salesforce:

Software integration powerfully enhances manufacturing and distribution performance. Connecting your data to form a single source of truth results in higher accuracy and efficiency by providing a total view of your enterprise. With Unity, Datix makes integration easier than ever. Our consultants rapidly install our pre-built integration application, so you can sync data between Epicor® and your CRM, eCommerce or Marketing Automation software in no time.

With Unity for Salesforce, you can enjoy automatic bidirectional synchronization between your CRM and ERP solutions. Rather than waste time manually entering data, Unity will update data throughout your systems in real-time. This functionality tears down information silos to improve decision making and transparency.

This video outlines the sync points for your CRM and ERP platforms. Additionally, we demonstrate how Unity transfers orders, opportunities, and invoices between Salesforce and Epicor®.

Length: 1 minute, 45 seconds