Epicor Quality Assurance

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Video length = 25 minutes.

This training and demonstration video shows two complete scenarios of how the flow of Epicor Quality Assurance and Epicor Enterprise Quality Assurance operates.

The first scenario is where we purchase an item from a vendor and it needs to go through an inspection before being put away for stock.  It’s being inspected and the count of pass and fails are entered.

The second scenario is where a Job is created to pack the item and ship it to a subcontractor for heat treatment.  We show the whole subcontract process including a Purchase Order (PO) to the vendor for the service and the pick and packing of the materials and shipping to the vendor.  When the items are received, we automatically send them to the Inspection Processing and the chemical and physical properties are entered right into the Enhanced Quality Assurance (EQA) module.  Some items are sent to DMR (Discrepant Material Review) for further disposition.  After that step, we create a Corrective Action entry, and a return to vendor.