OData, REST and Epicor® ERP 10. How to use with Excel and Power BI

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This video will explain OData, the advantages and disadvantages of its use with Epicor® ERP, and then show you the syntax on how to use OData to pull data into Excel and Power BI. We’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of OData versus direct SQL COnnections.

When using OData with Epicor® Business Activity Queries or BAQ’s, using the friendly query designer from Epicor® to make consumption of Epicor® Data very easy for your end-users.  They will also honor all your table and field security settings

Note that these queries are good for tactical reporting. If you are looking to do expansive reporting over long periods of time across very large tables, you want a true data warehousing & business intelligence solution like our Jet Reports for Epicor®.

Length:  19 Minutes