Jet Analytics for Epicor - Serving the CXO in your Organization

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Jet Analytics for Epicor is designed to serve the CEO, CFO, CIO and any CXO in your organization. With it’s ability to present summarized data in intuitive dashboards via your PC, Tablet’s and phones, your executives can see the important trends and drill down to important details quickly across your entire enterprise.

Jet Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Suite includes the automated ‘push’ reporting your CXO’s demand along with self service desktop and mobile based real time ‘on demand’ reporting in Excel, Power BI and any Microsoft Cube compatible reporting solution.  Even use tools like QlikView, QlickSense and Tableau with Epicor.  They are all based on a common data model that takes minutes for a novice to build reports and dashboards from without the IT department needing to hold their hands. That’s true Business Intelligence.

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