Microsoft Power BI with Epicor - The Power of Jet Analytics

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Jet Analytics for Epicor is an ideal solution to use with Microsoft Power BI.

PowerBI is great for quickly creating professional interactive dashboards, however, unless you and your staff have deep SQL & Epicor database knowledge you’ll find yourself quickly unable to accomplish your goals. Even with the expertise, you’ll find Power BI can’t handle the volume in most native Epicor ERP databases.

Jet Analytics for Epicor allows you to use Power BI in minutes against even your largest Epicor ERP Databases and allows end users with little or no technical expertise to create their own views within hours of installation.

With Power BI your users can work with data coming from Epicor ERP and all other data sources in your organization without any technical knowledge thanks to the Jet Data Manager that builds highly intuitive and simplified Data Warehouse views of Epicor’s complex underlying database.

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