Hubspot to Epicor® Integration Demo - Datix Unity

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Unity for HubSpot:

For manufacturers and distributors to make it in today’s competitive environment, they must consolidate data from across their enterprise in one place. That’s what Unity is for. Unity is a pre-built integration application designed to seamlessly transfer data between Epicor® and a range of CRM, eCommerce, and Marketing Automation platforms. Our consultants instantly install Unity and continue handling errors after deployment to simplify your software integration.

Our Unity for HubSpot solution optimizes marketing operations through bidirectional data synchronization with Epicor®. In other words, any changes made in one system is reflected in the other, providing you precise data at all times. By generating real-time insights and reducing manual data entry, Unity for HubSpot helps users efficiently manage orders, deals, and leads.

This video demonstrates how Unity automatically syncs and updates deals and contacts between HubSpot and Epicor®. As we explain, this functionality improves the speed and accuracy of quoting and creating sales orders.

Length: 2 minutes, 10 seconds