Epicor Field Service and Mobile Dispatch Demo

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This training and demonstration video shows the an overview of the Field Service Module as well as the Mobile Field Service Dispatch board in Epicor Vistage, Vantage, ERP 9, ERP10 and ERP 10.1

The Field Service & Dispatch capabilities of Epicor allow companies who service customers in the field, and in many cases, in a ‘bench depot’ scenario handle the managing of service contracts, support calls, dispatch incidents, track time & materials used, schedule and close customer service cases.

In this demonstration we’ll show:

  • How to create a Field Service Call in Epicor
  • How to create proper Service Job’s in Epicor from Field Service Calls
  • How to select & dispatch technicians within Service Call Entry
  • How to select and schedule technicians using the Epicor Mobile Dispatch Service board and show the bidirectional integration between the mobile dispatch function and epicor
  • How to capture time & materials needed from the field
  • How to managing the picking of repair parts
  • How to issue those parts to the technician.
  • The basics of how Service Contracts apply to Field Service Calls.
Video length = 16 minutes.

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