Epicor Document Sender for ERP 9 and ERP 10

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This training and demonstration video shows the basic setup & usage for the new Document Sender Module

Document sender is a less expensive, much simpler to install solution that performs most of the functions that Advanced Print Manager and Advanced Print Manager Plus (APM and APM+ ) do.  This includes the ability to automatically email the most common documents such as Order Acknowledgements, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Quotes etc automatically to the appropriate customers and vendors.

In addition it allows you to automatically include the attachments from the document such as your quote, as well as related attachments such as brochure’s associated with the items on the quote.

One key advantage over APM is that it does not require a separate server or any server components.  Everything installs automatically in the client and it uses standard BPM technology behind the scenes.  Thus its far easier to install and maintain, works in the cloud as well as on-premise and is extremely simple to maintain.

NOTE: The email feature of this functionality has been introduced into the Advanced Printing & Routing Module which is built in Native Epicor 10.1 and above.

Video length = 12 minutes.

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