Epicor® DocStar to Epicor® ERP Integration

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Epicor® DocStar is not only a powerful standalone Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) as shown here, but becomes much more when used with the Epicor® 10.1.600 (E10) solution and above.  Advanced capabilities include improved Document Routing.  This will allow you to not only email customers & vendors copies of documents like Purchase Orders and Sales Order Acknowledgements, but with DocStar you can send related documents such as specification sheets, MSDS information, etc that relate to the line items on these documents.  This can all occur automatically.

When you are using the standard Epicor® document attachment feature you can store the documents automatically in the DocStar repository.  Not only does it make those attachments far more accessible, but users can check documents out, modify them, and check them in.  You can even keep the prior versions available. Previously, without DocStar, you could only manage links to LAN based documents.

You can also send documents to customers while having PDF copies of them automatically filed in the content management system for instant retrieval via a browser by all your users, even those that don’t use Epicor®.  Full Version Control and workflow are enabled within Epico®r using the familiar Business Process Management user interface.

With this new release, the need for the old 3rd party APM and APM+ is no longer necessary. DocStar is far more powerful and much easier to install and use than the old solution.

Check it out.


Length:  16 Minutes