Epicor DocStar - Epicor ERP AP Automation

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AP Automation via Epicor recently acquired DocStar Solution brings greater automation, financial controls and accuracy to streamline your Accounts Payable processes.  By paying your vendors more accurately and quickly, you can take advantage on significant early payment discounts as well as the fact that vendors tend to serve fast paying, well organized customers better than those that don’t.

With Epicor’s DocStar AP Automation, you get a full workflow approval engine and with its Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) option, it can scan or OCR your AP invoices and pull the relevant data out of them including AP Header information and even line item details.  It can then look for potential issues such as quantities that don’t match on an AP Invoice versus a Receipt of Purchase Order document or pricing that doesn’t match the original PO.

AP automation is even available for other ERP systems including Sage 100, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Infor and SAP


Check out the demo here.

Length: 24 Minutes