Epicor® 9 and 10 to Salesforce.com Integration

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A Solution to integrate your Salesforce.com CRM solution with Epicor® 9 and 10

by Mark Chinsky

This video is a webinar by Epicor® partner, Datix whom we’ve had a long-standing relationship demonstrates their solution that bi-bidirectionally integrates Epicor® ERP 9 and Epicor® ERP 10 with Salesforce.com.  Although Epicor® has a fine transactional CRM  system embedded, companies with more sophisticated and complex sales processes may need the deeper functionality of a solution like Salesforce.com.  With this integration you can have the best of both worlds and have the tools to further build out the integration to your specific requirements and needs.

If your salespeople are mobile, this is a must-have solution.  Salesforce.com’s mobile solution is something your salespeople will want to use.  If a mobile CRM solution is too ‘clunky’ or obtuse, salespeople will not adopt it no matter how much you push them.

Hit the chat button below if you would like more information about this great solution and we can assist you in getting a personalized demo and have your organization all on the same page in regards to your CRM and Sales Management needs

Video length = 12 minutes