Epicor® 9 and 10 for Distribution - Fulfillment Workbench

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A general overview of using Epicor® and the Fulfillment Workbench feature

by Lynn David

This overview will take you through the general workflow of Epicor® 9 and how Fulfillment Workbench is used.

Reasons to use Fulfillment Workbench

  • Key is being able to reserve and allocate items for orders for eventual picking.
  • All open orders can be viewed in one central location.
  • It gives the ability to track in real time the status of open orders.
  • Displays pertinent information in deciding what orders can be filled.
  • All information on orders is being displayed in real time.
  • There is the ability to view orders by fill rate percentage.
  • The search window gives many criteria options to choose from to display specific detail information.


Video length = 12 minutes