Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Epicor® Integration Demo - Datix Unity

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Unity for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Also known as Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement)

Unity is Datix’s premier Epicor® integration solution. This pre-built application is installed rapidly by our consultants to connect your ERP software with your CRM, Marketing Automation, or eCommerce system. With enterprise data in one place, manufacturers and distributors gain a 360-degree view of their business performance.

Unity for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM provides automatic two-way data synchronization between your CRM and ERP solutions. Any change made in one platform is reflected in the other to facilitate end-to-end accuracy and efficiency. Users throughout your enterprise gain real-time insights without the hassle of manual data entry, enhancing productivity, and maximizing the value of your software.

In this video, we outline the sync points that Unity instantly provides between your Dynamics and Epicor® solutions. We also demonstrate how Unity syncs shipments, opportunities, and accounts between your ERP and CRM.

Length: 1 minute, 45 seconds