Epicor® Credit Card & ACH / eCheck Processing for ERP 10

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This video provides a brief two-minute overview of the most comprehensive solution for Epicor® ERP. EBizCharge offers the lowest cost, easiest to use a credit card, check, and customer payment portal.

Datix has developed this integration in conjunction with Century Business Solutions, one of the fastest-growing and most reliable credit card processing companies in the industry.

EBizCharge partners with Epicor® to reduce processing costs, secure customer credit card information, and save you time on your payment acceptance process. The solution offers far lower initial costs with lower monthly processing fees since, unlike Epicor®, Century Business Solutions is a Level 3 processing center.

EBizCharge provides a comprehensive payment portal, the ability to quickly get paid by customers, and gives you access to your funds the next day. By emailing both the invoice and request for payment at the same time, the customer can immediately pay by a credit card or eCheck. This entire transaction can be completed while remaining on the phone during a collections call to accelerate your cash flow.

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Length: 2.5 Minutes