Advanced Planning and Scheduling for Epicor® ERP 9 and 10

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This training and demonstration video shows the basic setup & usage for the Epicor® Advanced Planning and Scheduling Module

This module allows for a variety of additional functionality including:

  • Multiple Resource Visual Production Scheduling Board – See the schedules of multiple resource groups and resources at the same time
  • Multiple Constraints-Every Operation can have multiple constraints or resources to better manage production including machines, tools, skilled labor, etc.
  • Resource Eligibility- Define Resources within a specific resource group with individual characteristics such as employee certifications
  • Automated Scheduling by Capability – Take the available resources into account when automatically scheduling
  • Material Constraints – Consider material availability as a scheduling constraint that integrates directly with Inventory and Purchasing.  The APS System knows when the material is due and schedules accordingly
  • Capable to Promise – Easily manage customer expectations with real-time capable to promise functionality during Order Entry.  This allows you to give customers realistic completion dates when entering orders.
There are additional capabilities as well, just ask us and we’ll get you a full brochure.


Video length = 12 minutes.

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