Advanced Material Management (AMM)

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In this Epicor ERP Video, we cover the Advanced Materials Management Module.  It’s an extensive set of functionality and this video covers a great workflow from beginning to end.  The purpose in general of AMM is to track where items are in real time throughout both the warehouse and the production floor.  This includes raw materials, Work in Process (WIP) and finished goods.

Among the features covered include:

  • Look at locations and routings for a MOM
  • MES
  • Receiving Materials
  • Material queue
  • Inspection
  • Bar Code
  • Job Tracker
  • MES
  • Show Get Request in MES and then its in material queue
  • Sales order and Fulfillment workbench
  • Handheld Picking
  • Pick for jobs via fulfillment workbench
  • Inventory & Cycle counts

Video Length = 39 minutes